I am a MS Student at the University of Michigan in the Robotics Program. I am passionate about AI, perception, machine learning to allow robots perceive this beautiful earth and be an essential part of it!

Have an interesting idea that we can work on, or want to discuss how we can make robots more human? Contact me...

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      Email: vatsuak@umich.edu

"How to make robots more human?"

              ..........The main motive of my research is to find an answer to this question.  I am interested in the intersection of vision and robotics. How can we use vision as a stimulus and convert it into optimal actions that a robot should perform to reach its goal configuration? Can a robot "learn" to selectively "perceive" its environment and "control" its own actuation? 

I am currently working on object detection and pose estimation using deep learning on LiDARs under Prof. Jessy Grizzle at the Bipedal Robotics Lab at the University of Michigan. Additionally,  I am also a part of the UM Ford Center for Autonomous Vehicles, where I am working on extending the Pedestrian Prediction Project under Prof. Ram Vasudevan.

Apart from this, I have worked on mobile robotics, SLAM, computer vision, and a multitude of small robotic projects. 

I graduated with a BTech degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 from VIT University where I have worked on material science, mechatronics, and embedded robotics. I have been a member of the ASME-VIT student chapter and a department chair of  Team Anant, the official Human Powered Vehicle Team of VIT, Vellore operating under ASME-VIT.

CV (updated Feb 2020):


Temporally Conditioned Deep Neural Network for classification and pose estimation of LiDARTag

Biped Robotics Lab(2019 - Present )

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Deep Lagrangian Networks Applied to Underactuated Systems 

Machine Learning (2019)

Incorporating Lagrangian mechanics to Deep Neural Nets

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JORB-SLAM: A Jointly optimized Multi-Robot Visual SLAM

Mobile Robotics(2019)

Multi-agent ORB-SLAM

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Modified Style Transfer

Computer Vision(2019)

Add more than one Style to an image plus tweaks to make it more realtime!



Biped Robotics Lab(2019)

My own implementation of LSTM-Pose Machines using Tensorflow


Perception: Self-Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars: Control and Perception(2018)

Implementation of  VGG based car class classifier in Matlab


Phone Finder 

Basic OpenCV implemenation of image segmentaion and thresholding to detect objects(2018)


Design and Analysis of Industrial Manipulator

Design and analysis of a mobile platform for a assembly plant(2017)


Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Robot

PD-controlled Self-Balancing Robot(2017)


Effect of flake reinforcement on mechanical properties of AA 6061 nano composite with secondary nano platelet-Graphene processed through powder metallurgy

H.G.Prashantha Kumar M.Anthony Xavior Ashwath.P. Joel J. Kaustav Chakraborty


Laser Shock Peening on Microwave Sintered Aluminum Alloy Nanocompo-Sites

S. Prabhakaran, ; G., Prashantha Kumar H; Kalainathan, S; M., Anthony Xavior; Chakraborty, Kaustav


Synthesis and property evaluation of hot extruded AA2024 -MWCNT Nanocomposites

H.G.Prashantha Kumar M.Anthony Xavior P.Ashwath J.Joel Shivprasad Hosmani Prateek M.Shivalli Hrishikesh Singh Kaustav Chakraborty